November 05, 2011

Renault Pulse? Yaawwwnn...

Renault will launch a new small car in India... (Yay!)
It will be based on Nissan Micra... (Cool! that would save costs. Means competitive pricing)
And here it is... The Renault Pulse!

Renault Pulse - Front

Renault Pulse - Rear
Uhh... Isn't this the Micra?
Nopes, Renault wants you to believe that it is a different car altogether. Different front and rear bumpers should do the trick, yes? No?

To be fair to Renault, you cannot judge the car just by some pics. Surely, Renault will try to market the Pulse differently than the Micra.
But, they have lost half the battle already. It is going to be very tough to convince buyers that they are buying a product that is unique and different than what the competition offers. Especially, considering that there are more than 10 options in the hatchback space.

Renault wanted to cut down on costs but shouldn't they worry about selling the car in the first place? I mean, look at the interiors below. If it weren't for the Renault lozenge on the steering, one would think it is a Micra.

Renault Pulse - Interiors
We hope Renault comes up with a USP for the Pulse. Otherwise, it could compete for the same buyer as the Micra. If it's a guy, he picks the Pulse; else the girl picks the cuter Micra.

PS: Renault had indicated that they would launch a sedan version too. I'm taking bets that it would not look like the Sunny, anyone interested in placing one?

The Inaugural F1 Indian GP was a success!

and I humbly and gladly eat my words...

Yes, many of us expected the Indian GP to suffer from some glitch or the other. Glad that they disappointed us on that front.

Although, there were some things that could have been better. Like, 

  • The ticket pricing package.
  • Dust from the adjoining construction sites making the track slippery.
  • Run-off areas were more like dust-traps than grass-traps.
  • Kerbs didn't look high enough to deter the drivers from driving over them, etc.
But none of these were deal-breakers. And surely these would be improved upon, the next year.

Now that the Inaugural GP is over, we hope and wish that the BIC manages to organize enough races/trackdays to keep the circuit running. We sincerely wish it does not turn out like the Korean Yeongam circuit.

So, all the best to JPSI on the BIC and I hope to be there soon.
Thanks and we salute you for your effort.